M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University, International Laser Center and Physics Faculty




We have arranged a preliminary accommodation reservation at Hotel Sputnik for the period from 12-00 a.m. June 14 to 12-00 a.m. June 17. Hotel Sputnik is conveniently located at 10 minutes walk from Russian Academy of Sciences. More detailed information concerned this Hotel you can find by link pointed below. The relative location of the Hotel Sputnik and the Russian Academy of Sciences can be found in the section Conference Venue.

All participants can however arrange their accommodation themselves if they wish to do so, but in that case you will have to make all reservations without organizer assistance. Another Hotel can be chosen, for example, here: with http://www.hotels-moscow.ru.




Hotel Sputnik


E-mail: hsputnik@dol.ru