M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University, International Laser Center and Physics Faculty



  • Time allocated to plenary talks is 40 minutes, for other oral papers 15 minutes


Thursday, June 14

15.00 16.00



16.00 16.15

Opening Session

Vladimir Makarov




16.15 - 17.45

Session 1 (Plenary) Chairman Vladimir Makarov



Ultrashort light pulses in photonic-crystal fibers (plenary)

Alexei Zheltikov


Printed intelligence (plenary)

Jukka Hast




17.45 18.00

Coffee break





18.00 19.15

ILC MSU laboratories tour





19.30 21.30

PALS 2007 Welcome Party (on the grounds of ILC MSU)



Friday, June 15

9.00 11.00

Session 2 (Biophotonics) Co-Chairs: Alexander Priezzhev/ Markku Hauta-Kasari



      Characterization and manipulation of red blood cells with an optical trap

Alexander Priezzhev


      Advances in optical clearing of tissues and cells

Valery Tuchin


      Optoacoustic method for temperature monitoring during high intensity focused ultrasound therapy

Tanya Khokhlova


      Photoacoustics in glucose monitoring

Matti Kinnunen


      Detection of Biomolecular Interactions by Two-Photon Excitation of Fluoresecence - from Research to Routine Diagnostics

Pekka Hänninen


      Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and imaging for hemoglobin oxygenation and exogeneous dyes control

Viktor Loschenov


      Laser engineering of biotissues

Viktor Bagratashvili


      Fluorescence diagnostics of nail diseases

Markku Hauta-Kasari




11.00 11.30

Coffee break





11.30 13.30

Session 3 (Lasers, Precision Laser Measurement and Signal Processing) Co-Chairs: Oleg Okhotnikov / Rolf Hernberg



      Coherence-domain and polarization diagnostics of spatiallyoriented and random fibrous media such as papers and collagenous biotissues

Dmitry Zimnyakov


      A novel multispectral measuring system

Alexei Kamshilin


      Advances in power scalable, tunable and mode-locked semiconductor disk lasers

Oleg Okhotnikov


      Study and improvement of the self-Q-switching behaviour of a Cr:LISAF laser by use of simple binary diffractive optics

Nicolas Passilly


      New applications of diode lasers in gas sensing and light sources

Rolf Hernberg


      High-peak-power and high-repetition-rate diode-pumped picosecond lasers for scientific and technological applications

Vyacheslav Morozov


      Measurement of the optical properties of turbid liquids

Kai-Erik Peiponen


      DOE sensor in detection of oligonucleotides on chromium surface

Raimo Silvennoinen




13.30 14.30

Lunch, Russian Academy of Science





14.30 16.00

Session 4 (Laser Diagnostics of Paper) Co-Chairs: Igor Gurov / KaiErik Peiponen



   ATR-FTIR spectroscopy and laser cleaning of old paper

Nikolai Brandt


   Optical Coherence Tomography in paper measurements

Erkki Alarousu


   Time resolved spectroscopy (TRS) in paper

Juha Saarela


   Evaluation of surface relief of paper materials by high-resolving full-field interferometric profilometer

Igor Gurov


   Statistical parameters for characterization of local gloss variation

Mikko Juuti




16.00 16.30

Coffee break





16.30 17.00

Session 5 (THz spectroscopy) Chair: Alexei Kamshilin



      Detection and correction of misplacement error in terahertz reflection spectroscopy by dispersion relations

Evgeny Gornov


      Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy of liquid crystals near phase-transition point

Ilya Ozheredov















Saturday, June 16

9.00 10.30

Session 6 (Nonlinear Optics, Laser-matter Interaction and Optics of Micro and Nano Objects) Chair: Vyacheslav Morozov



      Design and fabrication of colorless antireflective surfaces realized with subwavelength structure

Birgit Päivänranta


      Nonlinear optics in magnetophotonic crystals and magnetic nanostructures

Tatyana Murzina


      Nonlinear optics of metal glass nano composites

Yuri Svirko


      Optical applications of nanographite films

Alexander Obraztzov







10.30 12.00

Coffee break and Poster session



      Investigation of the power spectrum of laser ultrasonic signals penetrating through paper pulp

Zuomin Zhao


      Laser-induced electron emission in carbon nanostructures

Dmitry Lyashenko


      Glucose measurement based on modified free-space Mach-Zehnder interferometer

Meng Wang


      Wavefront computation method for single Newton-type fringe interferograms

Ismo Vartiainen


      Optoacoustic diagnostics of the submicron metal coatings thickness

Daria Kopylova


      Ultra-high resolution OCT-system for paper imaging based on Ti:sapphire femtosecond laser

Tuukka Prykäri


      SPR-sensor for monitoring bioactive compounds in saliva

Jari Palviainen


      Optical orientation of dipolar centers: theory end experiments

Ervin Nippolainen


      Fast and accurate optical profilometer

Ervin Nippolainen


      Analysis of the wave diffraction on a polygon dielectric grating, placed on a dielectric substrate, by integral equation method

Andrei Soloviev


      Wavelength influence on filamentation process

Vladimir Fedorov



      Ray-wave approximation for calculating the light scattering by non-spherical particles

Andrei Lugovtsov


      High-speed wavefront sensing

Maria Andreeva


      X-ray production and harmonic generation under interaction of femtosecond Cr:forsterite laser radiation with atomic clusters

Alexander Golubev


       Statistical characteristics of femtosecond filaments in turbulent atmosphere

Alexei Bezborodov


      Laser plasma channels array as microwave waveguide in air

Alexander Dormidonov


      Laser-induced Spectroscopy of aerosol particle

Elena Kachan


      Efficient quenching of conjugated polymer photoluminescence by ground-state charge-transfer complex

Olga Paraschuk


      Spectral line broadening of liquid carbon dioxide in nanopores

Vladimir Arakcheev







12.00 13.00

Closing Session





15.00 20.00

Banquet and Russian style show in Moscow forest park...



Sunday, June 17


Free time (excursions to Moscow Kremlin, museums, etc if desired) and departure